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LAS VEGAS, NEVADA. The tension between Jinkee and Manny Pacquiao was palpable during the thanksgiving mass held on November 16 for Pacquiao’s victory. TV Patrol World captured Jinkee sobbing uncontrollably beside Manny as the priest said in his sermon, “We can only hurt those people whom we love so much, our husband, our wife…give us the peace the peace we need at this point.” She sought comfort on the shoulder of a female friend beside her and refused to be touched by Manny when he tried to embrace her during the “Peace be with you” part of the mass. Manny’s mother “Aling Dionisia” Pacquiao hugged him instead.

DownLoad link for this PACMAN sex Video 

It is speculated that Jinkee’s tears were about Manny’s alleged affair with sexy actress Krista Ranillo, with whom Manny stars in the upcoming movie Wapakman and with whom he was reportedly spotted with vacationing in Hongkong. When pressed for answers, Krista’s manager Arnold Vegafria insisted that the co-stars are just “close friends,” while Manny merely smiled and said “No comment, tahimik lang ako bahala na sila…Kaya siguro di tayo di umaasenso dahil pinapakialaman natin ang buhay na personal ng iba. Sana i-honor nila yung nagawa kong achievement para sa mga Pilipino, alisin natin yung ‘crab mentality.”

Meanwhile, in this You Tube video entitled “Manny Pacquaio Leaves Jimmy Kimmel Live with Unknown Woman!” amidst shouts of “Manny! Manny!” from fans and paparazzi, Pacquiao is seen driving a Mercedes Benz hurriedly through a throng of fans in a parking lot. An unidentified woman sits beside him, covering her face. He is in such a rush to get through, someone from the crowd warns the others, “Watch your feet! Watch your feet! Back up!”

The video was uploaded on November 3 by Celebrity Nation TV. Writes user celebritynationVids, ”I caught boxing champion Manny Pac Man Pacquiao leaving the Jimmy Kimmel Live show. Manny didn’t bother to sign for about 70 fans that were there to show there support for him. He was with a woman that wasn’t his wife so that’s probably why he didn’t stop!”

DownLoad link for this PACMAN sex Video

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